Autism Awareness: The Intent

The intent of The Autistic Help is to provide an outlet or platform for people who are either part of the Autism Spectrum, being diagnosed with a form of Autism, or for people who are related to others they know who have Autism. If you happen to be a friend or a family member of someone who has any form of Autism and you are frustrated with how you have been communicating with this person, then I encourage you to read The Autistic Help blog and to participate in discussions regarding Autism.

Whether it's by posting a comment under one article of mine or if you want to contact me directly, you are free to voice your opinion on why you think that it's very challenging to establish a common ground with your friend or relative who falls under the category of Autism. I will provide contact info below.

Contact Steven Vitte:

One of the goals for The Autistic Help is to spread and promote Autism Awareness and to establish general communications with people who are not autistic, to get the word out on how serious and important this issue is. In recent years, more and more people have become diagnosed with at least some form of Autism and I personally believe that it is time for me to do my part and use the voice that I have, efficiently using the platform of a blog to tell stories of my experiences with the condition of Asperger's Syndrome.

"Being mentally rewired is nothing to be ashamed about. You see things differently, you think differently and you react differently. Eye contact is sometimes hard to come by. We who are mentally rewired can be nervous but we can be bold enough to say... We have a gift and we'll use it. Autism speaks." -Custom Quote by Steven Vitte

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