Friday, May 12, 2017

This Blog: Taking a Break

I have noticed that once again, just like last year, I haven't been able to update The Autistic Help blog as much as I feel like I should have. Aside from this blog I have another blog to take care of (a gaming blog) and my freelance writing work. I have a packed weekly schedule that involves me doing multiple things, either things that are just for fun such as learning new languages or more serious things such as getting in contact with people who could give me paid work.

I am sorry to report that The Autistic Help is officially taking a break, as in don't expect to receive any regular updates to this blog in the foreseeable future. 

This was not an easy decision for me to make, especially after I said at the end of 2016 that I promised to update this blog more frequently. Here we are in May 2017 and we still haven't gotten much material put up. Just a few posts and that's it. I take responsibility for not setting aside enough time during a week to type out a blog post for The Autistic Help. I'm sure there have been interesting news stories regarding people on the Autism Spectrum that have slipped through the cracks recently, and I haven't been able to find them.

I firmly believe this because I happen to have a love for the Word of God (Holy Bible), but I just think that God is taking me in a different direction in my life. What that direction has in store for me I don't know. I hope that new direction has something good waiting for me to discover. I won't know for sure until I pursue different things about my life. You know, life can be funny like that sometimes.

Have I enjoyed posting stuff on this blog about autistic-related topics? Of course I have. When it was really getting going I was enjoying the feedback I was getting. There's no doubt that this blog has helped me get the word out on what autism is and how people can properly deal with it. This ride has been fun for the most part.

However, there is also an ugly truth to things. Right now autistic people are being negatively shown in mainstream (or I should say "lamestream") media, and it's hard to get the word out on autism in a positive way if all you ever hear from both reporters and consumers of this kind of media is negativity. It's a sad fact of our society today that we're simply too focused on what's negative, and we don't take out enough time to focus on the positive things about a topic or situation.

Let me make this clear. The Autistic Help blog will not be going away for good. I'm only announcing that this blog is taking a break, and it will be back sometime down the road.

I need to take my focus off promoting Autism Awareness for now because it's becoming something that's anchoring me down, and not really helping me. I am still an advocate for Autism Awareness, but I feel that I can no longer be out in the open about it as much anymore, not with the way how society is treating autistic topics now. I have to be more of an "advocate in stealth". That's today's reality.

So for those of you reading this blog entry now, I encourage you all to stay tuned because I won't forget about this blog. I will find ways to (here and there) update it, but it just won't be frequent. I just can't promise that right now.

-Steven Timothy Vitte


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