Saturday, December 10, 2016

Autistic Help Interview #2: Anonymous

Another interview I have lined up was with a friend of mine who shares the passion of being a gamer and particularly a fan of a certain video game series. To respect his privacy I will keep his identity a secret, but he was kind enough to share his thoughts on autism and topics related to the condition. It only takes a few people who have autism to speak out on autism, and then we can better understand what the autistic community is really thinking. My anonymous friend and I hope that you find this interview helpful!

Steven Vitte:
1) What are some of the benefits that you feel you have with autism?
Anonymous: I feel having a unique perspective at times can be my best strength. Sometimes I feel like I have a different way of doing things but in the end, sometimes it makes learning certain skills relatively easy for me than it is for most people.

I also feel happy to have passion about certain subjects I care about which make them more than just an investment of time and rather an investment in my life.
2) What are some of the difficulties you experience with autism?
Definitely feeling like I don't belong at times. Sometimes I also have trouble doing what others can easily. So many times have I felt like "This world is not going to work with people with autism like me". But you have to get these negative thoughts out of your head!
3) How well do you feel you interact with other people, knowing your condition?
In a way, I sometimes wish I never formally labeled myself as autistic. Labels lead to actions you start to take even more knowing that something is different.

For instance when I first figured out, when I felt more confused I had something tangible to point to and blame compared to just saying I am myself. 

However getting diagnosed is the first step towards treatment.
4) How different do you feel you are compared to people who don't have autism?
I feel like I have certain thoughts or unusual aspects of me that other people might not fully accept immediately . But then at the same time, I don't feel 100% different. But different enough to know I have to have a different way to manage through life.
5) When did you find out that you had autism? Your reaction?
Mid-Elementary school. At the time I don't think I realized what a major deal it is. I just saw it as being made different. Only later did I process more that I was more different than I thought.
6) What are you planning to do moving forward?
I plan on continuing with my goals in life no matter how much I have to go through to get there. That means trying to finish my education and be a leader. 

7) How do you feel about some heroes who have Asperger's Syndrome?
I feel really glad they exist. People like them remind me that there is hope. It is not what you can or can not do with limitations. It is about what you ultimately decide to do in life and own it to succeed.
8) What do people need to know about Asperger's Syndrome in particular?
Definitely my number one thing for people to know is that just because you have Asperger's does not mean that are weird or someone you would not want to associate with. That is why many people are embarrassed to have autism in general because in social environments such as school, saying you have autism can sometimes have stigmas where people will treat you different.
9) What advice would you give others who have autism?
No matter how hard it is please go through life. If you need help ask. So many people with Autism are successful or are even MORE successful than their peers without autism. You can do it.
10) What's your advice for people who don't have autism?
Please consider reaching out to a person with autism and try to learn more about them. Many of us want friends who do not autism and are open. But often we are so shy or have low self-esteem that sometimes if someone takes the first step, so much would be easier.


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