Monday, September 26, 2016

Positive Spin on Autism 3

Now here comes a 3rd positive spin on autism, and the base link that I want readers to focus on is a link that doesn't have such a positive tone. Here's where I can turn this linked article into a positive spin.

I'm just going to be blunt when I say this. You don't need to read very far into this linked article to find out what the higher ups of any country in the world think of you, the autistic person. It's painfully obvious that this article ties this "proposed plan" around this core belief that people who are autistic simply can't take care of themselves and that they need crutches for every single facet of their lives.

When you read articles like this one it becomes very clear that it's very easy for media know-it-alls; i.e. journalists who spin news to fit a specific agenda, to put a negative spin around almost every issue that involves autistic people.

For the record, Autism Speaks, that one famous organization that is mentioned at the end of this linked article, isn't an organization to be trusted. I'm sad to say that I've had a not so good experience communicating with Autism Speaks. It involved me seeking help to find work with the help of Autism Speaks, and let me just say that this organization is not one to have the backs of autistic people like you and me. In fact these kinds of organizations don't exist to cater to our best interests. These organizations only exist to make a quick dollar and put autistic people down in the process.

"Wait! Where's the positive spin in all this?" This is where I make that turn.

I hold the belief that we autistic people are creative in varying ways. We are wired differently, after all. We think differently compared to other people, so with that in mind, I think it would be best for me to suggest that we put our rewired minds to the test. We need to challenge ourselves mentally every day to do something productive, no matter what it is. We need to focus on what we do best mentally and put that part of us on center stage while we mask our weaknesses as best we can.

I also believe that we shouldn't let politicians, media personnel, business people, etc. speak for us as if they understand what we go through every day. Simply put, many of these people don't get it. We shouldn't let these kinds of people put words in our mouths and create ideas that won't truly benefit us autistic people. Many of the ideas that come from the mentioned people above are created to benefit themselves, if anything.

The Autistic Community is real. It's a community that matters. It's a community that needs to stay in tune with what the current perception of autism is in the eyes of people who aren't autistic. It's a community that needs to speak for itself. Autism speaks, but not in the way that Autism Speaks sees it, if you know what I mean. Autism is NOT a disease that we need to cure because quite frankly it's incurable. That's a fact. The best thing for us to do is to deal with the cards we have been dealt, so to speak, and bring out the best parts of ourselves while we blaze a trail for us to live decent enough lives.